Greig Engineering Ltd has a division dedicated solely to the function of dimensional control using the most modern and fastest methods of laser surveying. This system is pc based using Leica laser theodolites and unlike conventional survey methods can be performed by a single operator in a fraction of the time normally required for conventional surveys. The benefits are numerous: Accuracy better than +- 0.4mm
Single operator resulting in less cost, less space for offshore accommodation
Reduced field/offshore survey time
Improved accuracy of measurements
Less shutdown times for installation
No interplant clashes
Guaranteed fit of pre-fabricated spools
3d models are readily obtained from the survey data
Archived data can be stored electronically for indefinite times
Savings of up to 35% compared to traditional survey techniques
Laser surveying negates the need for scaffolding, rigging, hot work permits etc
Eradication of site hot work - field welding, grinding, burning etc.
Survey data can be sent electronically back to our head office for the production of drawings and urgent fabrication works
Cansco Greig are able to provide a "one-stop shop" for surveying, drafting and fabrication of pipespools and structural fabrications
Single focal point for the complete service
Simplified supply chain
An overall faster, cheaper and more simplified solution to fabrication AutoFix Fabrication Pipespool Measurement Greig Engineering Ltd uses AutoFix Fabrication Pipespool Measurement software.
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