Greig Engineering Ltd designed, manufactured and commissioned an automated bulk powder transfer system for R&B Falcon's Drill-ship the "Deepwater Discovery." The system consisted of 10 off 12 metre high x 3.7 metre diameter P-Tanks of 110m3 capacity with internal blower tree for the transfer of barite, bentonite and cement. 2 off Cement Day Tanks 4 metre high x 3.7 metre diameter of 28m3 capacity and 4 off Surge Tanks 3.5 metre high x 1.5 metre diameter. Manufactured to BS 5500 they have a design pressure of 65 psig. In addition Cansco Greig Engineering Ltd. designed and manufactured the electronic control panels that monitor the tank pressures and volumes, capacity of contents (up to 250 tonne each P-Tank) and control the actuated valves. We also manufactured the tank skids, tank upper walkways, cradles as well as the lateral tees, deltas and Y-pieces for the connecting pipework. Prior to shipment to Samsung Heavy Industries Koje Shipyard in South Korea, Greig Engineering Ltd. carried out functional transfer testing using 100 tonnes of Barite at our premises in Altens Aberdeen. A Design Engineer from Greig Engineering Ltd flew out to South Korea for pre-commissioning of the system which included calibration of the electronic weight monitoring and pressure systems. He re-joined the vessel in Singapore to perform the final commissioning of the system. (Transfer rates in excess of 150 tonnes/hr were consistently achieved during commissioning).
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